Free Bingo


What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game which is completely dependent on chance and luck. Different and random numbers are drawn which will be matched with numbers which are printed in advance. The first person to achieve the winning pattern of numbers drawn will be declared as the winner. There are various online free bingo games to be indulged in.

5×5 cards are used in this game which displays the numbers; they are made of paper or electronically printed.  Once “bingo” is called out by any player then it is alert to the others that he is almost winning the game. There have evolved multiple variations of bingo to let players enjoy this exciting game.

The main jargons used in Bingo

  • Jumping the gun
  • Wild Numbers
  • Standard
  • Ready/waiting/cased/chance
  • Forwards/backwards
  • False Alarm/Practising

Bingo has also established its presence online and is has a high number of players. You can play the different variants of online bingo in free play or real money mode. Play free bingo and understand the game, brush up your skills before you gamble in this game of chance. This game is usually played for modest stakes and the gameplay of Bingo is often used in online scratchcard games.

Play free bingo and explore the different variants

  • U Pick’Em Bingo: Almost like Keno, here the player marks the number which he chooses to monitor to win.
  • Quick shot Bingo: Here, the numbers are drawn first and then it is revealed if the bingo cards match the numbers which have been drawn.
  • Bonanza bingo: In this version of bingo 43 cards will be drawn, the numbers can be odd or even.
  • Facebook Bingo: This is completely different and the most important characteristic is that of power-ups which increase the chance for players to win the game.
  • Horse racing bingo: This version of bingo will also increase the player’s chances of winning by drawing 1-15 numbers which correspond to the top row in the bingo card.