Poker hands for handfull money!!!


Poker is a game that has been played for the past 200 years, so there’s bound to be plenty of history and experience garnered by players over the years for the way it has to be played. Here, I give you a low down of how to play online poker and poker hands that you can use to guide your game as a beginner.

How to play

The most played type of poker game is undeniably Texas Hold ‘Em poker, so that is the one I’ll be explaining in this little treatise. The game basically uses a 52 card deck that has to be shuffled and then cards are passed around to players. Each player is given two hole cards and there are also three community cards that are dealt facing upwards. The best hand of five cards made with the help of both community and hole cards is declared the winner. Read more about getting started here.

Types of poker hands

    1. By following these easy poker hands you can help guide your gameplay so that you make the right moves to get that winning hand. Here are the poker hands that you will need to reign supreme at Texas Hold ‘Em poker.
    2. Royal flush: The royal flush is one of the poker hands that is played most widely in poker. It cannot be beaten by other poker hands that the other players are holding. It consists of a queen, king, ace, jack and ten that all belong to the same suit.
    3. Straight flush: The straight flush is a sequence of five cards of the same suit. The person with the higher rank ending the sequence wins in the event of a tie.
    4. Four of a kind: This hand consists of four cars of the same rank but of different suits. You also have a side card called the kicker card, which decides which player wins in the event of a tie.
    5. Full house: The full house consists of a hand that has three cards of the same rank. There should also be two cards that have a different rank compared to the three, but are the same rank as each other. In this case, the tiebreaker will be the hand in which the three cards are of a higher rank.
    6. Flush: The flush consist of five cards that all have the same suit. In this case, the cards don’t have to be in a sequence.
    7. Straight: The straight is the hand in which there are five cards in a sequence and are of different suits.
    8. Three of a kind: Three of a kind cards are three belonging to the same rank but with two side cards that can be completely different from each other.
    9. Two pair: A two pair is when there are two cards with the same rank along with two cards of a matching rank and a kicker card to decide who wins.
    10. Pair: In a pair, you have two similar ranking cards along with three side cards that don’t match each other.
    11. High card: A hand that is none of the above is called a high card hand