Poker room at your home


Imagine having a casino at your own home. Well that’s possible by bringing home a virtual poker table that you can use to play a game of poker with your friends and family. This will give you a real feel for the game and also let you all have hours of fun without having to go to a nearby casino.

So what is this delightful device? A virtual poker table is an electronic game board that can be used in place of a physical poker table and doesn’t need you to even have physical cards handy. The table can help you to easily calculate scores, play several types of games of poker and is very convenient to use.

Pros of using a virtual table
Some of the pros of using a virtual poker table are:

  • There is not requirement for a dealer. The dealer’s role is served by the computer, which will hand out cards to each player and also keep tabs on scores and other things.
  • Since there’s no need for a dealer, the dealer therefore doesn’t need a cut reserved, which means that there is more money available for the jackpot.
  • Limits the likelihood of cheating, since a computer wouldn’t allow for it.
  • Limits the occurrence of dealer error when it comes to game decisions, so you know that all decisions taken are correct and in keeping with the rules of the game.
  • More types of games of poker can be played at a virtual poker table and this allows for variety in game play, which is great considering the vast number of poker games that are out there.
  • Better score keeping and jackpot calculations can be done, without any error.
  • Saves you time of setting up the table, so you have more time to play!

Cons of using a virtual table
There are many players who do not like the virtual poker table mainly because:

  • In a game of poker, it’s all about observing the other player to see what move they make. It makes it difficult for old school players of the game to see other players’ faces when they are constantly looking down at the electronic table screen, and this might affect the way other players play the game and react to a move.
  • The social interactivity of the game is lost as people are more likely to look at their screens instead of chatting with each other.
  • The ‘real feel’ of the game is lost, like throwing down chips and dealing out cards.
  • Makes for a less interactive experience. Some players like the feel of their chips and dealing out cards on the table.

While the virtual table is a lot different from playing at a physical poker table, it’s actually a lot similar to playing at an online poker casino. If you are already comfortable with playing poker online, a virtual table might actually offer you a lot more fun as it makes the experience a lot more interactive with people you know and meet.