Strategic Poker


Fancy a game of poker where you won’t lose miserably and hate yourself forever? Maybe it’s time you employed some simple strategy into your game of poker. Poker Strategies help you overcome difficulties in the game, even if you are new at it and have been tried and tested by experts. Here, I present to you some common Poker Strategies that you can use in your own game play.

Knowing When to Raise

One of the best and widely adopted Poker Strategies is simply knowing when to raise your bet. Here are some of the best scenarios in which you need to raise:

  • If you have a good hand. If you have a really good hand, complete with an Ace in it, you definitely need to raise. This will make sure you win big and will also cause other players whose hands are not so great, to want to fold. That means there’s more of a jackpot left for you and you can win more!
  • If you have a ready made hand. Most players rely on the community cards to get a better hand and they wait for several rounds of betting to get over so that they can make a better combination. If you already have a good combination, you don’t need any other cards. You can then raise your wager and this will force other players to sit up and take notice and they might even fold when they see they have no other option.
  • When you are bluffing. Sometimes you don’t even need to have a good hand to raise. You can just bluff other players into thinking you have a good hand by calling for a raise. This method is a little risky because other players might figure out what you are up to, but if it does work, you can trick the other players into folding.
  • To get in on what cards the other players are holding. If you raise, you are forcing the other players to either raise, call or fold. The choice that they make will give you some indication as to what cards they are holding and you can use that information to further plan your strategy.

Risking it all

One of the most daring poker strategies is going all in. It’s also the riskiest. You can wager everything and either make a huge payoff or lose it all. You can do this if you have a good hand or if you want the others to think that you do. It all boils down to what sort of impression you’ve created at the table, as that can spell your fate.

Do the math

Sometimes, the best way to go about the game of poker is to calculate what your odds are. You can do this using simple probability to figure out what cards haven’t been revealed yet. This will help you better shape up your game strategy and figure out how much you want to bet.